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Pretty please message me here - it won’t take long and won’t cost you but I’d be very appreciative ♥

Yes I do have a job but this is pricey so any help is great.
I’ve been self conscious about scars for years and years and would love to minimise them.
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Winnipeg police concerned about missing teenage sisters

Winnipeg Police say they are concerned for the well being of two missing sisters. Mary-Anne Hudson, 12, and her 14-year-old sister Nakita Hudson were last seen August 26 in Winnipeg’s St. James neighbourhood.
The sisters are known to frequent Winnipeg’s North End and shopping malls in downtown Winnipeg and Polo Park. 
Mary-Anne Hudson is approximately 5’5” tall, 110 pounds, with long brown hair and brown eyes. Nakita Hudson is 5’4” in height, 100 pounds with red hair and brown eyes.
Winnipeg police won’t say if the girls were in foster care or if they are from a particular First Nation. 
Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Winnipeg Police Service Missing Persons Unit at 204-986-6250.

Hey, I don’t know if anybody made a post about it but the sisters as well as another girl were found safely. - mod M

Oh thank god, they’re safe
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how am i supposed to forget you when every time i go outside i see things that remind me of you


  • garbage cans
  • dog shit
  • asshole people
  • those babies that you want to punch in the face because they wont stop crying no matter what

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Your name has echoed through my mind
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“Different phases of your life have different levels of deep, traumatizing heartbreak,” Swift says. “And in this period of my life, my heart was not irreparably broken. So it’s not as boy-centric of an album, because my life hasn’t been boy centric.”
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it bugs me that you can’t capitalize numbers 

This post fucked up my life.

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